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    Welcome home!

    Specialty breakfast

    Fuel your day with our nutritious and delicious breakfasts!

    Minimalist style

    The entire inn is designed with a plain white color scheme, creating a clean, open and relaxing atmosphere. The hallway and balconies feature interesting scenic views overlooking the windmills in the distance.

    Plain white minimalism

    Rooms feature minimalist countryside style with a white-on-white color scheme, creating a comfortable and welcoming feel.

  • Oats double room

    Off-season holiday:2800
    Off-season weekday:2300
    Peak-season holiday:3500
    Peak-season weekday:2900

  • Oats VIP double room

    Off-season holiday:3600
    Off-season​ weekday:3000
    Peak-season holiday:4300
    Peak-season weekday:3600

  • Oats four-person room

    Off-season holiday:4300
    Off-season​ weekday:3700
    Peak-season holiday:5000
    Peak-season weekday:4300

  • Oats Vista four-person room

    Off-season holiday:5000
    Off-season​ weekday:4500
    Peak-season holiday:5800
    Peak-season weekday:5100

  • Oats six-person room

    Off-season holiday:7000
    Off-season​ weekday:6500
    Peak-season holiday:7800
    Peak-season weekday:7100​​

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